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Thank God It’s Monday By Kim Hackney

Book Recommended by Trina Gonzales

“Thank God it’s Monday is an easy-to-understand book that is recommended to people who have been dreading the arrival of Mondays as it usually signifies the beginning of another work week.  It is also a good read for people who would like to find a deeper appreciation for what they do in the place where they spend most of their time in – the work place.”

The book brings new insight to the things we do and people we deal with daily.  The format of the book also allows you to not just read but assess yourself and apply your learnings on living out your purpose, and finding “passion” and “joy” in the daily grind as you begin to see that your work week is more than just your title, position or paycheck.  The book talks about victorious living, so if you sometimes begin to see your office as some sort of prison cell, then this book may just be the key to unlock that cell so you can be purposive and enthusiastic everyday.  Grab this book and wake up each morning thinking, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

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