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Leading and Managing Team


“In every walk of life, if you look at great crews, you’ll see trust at the heart of their success. If you don’t trust the people on your team, you’ll end up playing it too safe. Trust makes it possible to aim higher, to leap further and to know that someone truly has your back if you fall.”

  • Clear and measurable LEARNING OUTCOMES
  • ENGAGEMENT of LEARNERSthrough a variety of reflective or interactive learning tools and methods
  • Relevant takeaways and transfer of learnings through PERSONAL ACTION PLAN
  • Follow-through and execution of action plan through COACHING or MENTORING

Why Attend

How can you leverage people, culture and values to drive business growth? To remain competitive in today’s constantly changing digital world, organizations need to continuously increase managerial competence and expertise on people and performance management.

This two-day program* aims to develop your people and performance management skills, and to help you build a performance-based and growth-driven organization.

* One-day fast track program is available. Workshop customization is encouraged.

What The Program Will Answer

  • What are the differences between a leader and a manager?
  • How can leaders enhance their emotional intelligence, critical communication and influencing skills?
  • How can leaders develop and sustain their own performance and of their team members?

Who Should Attend

  • First-time managers, experienced managers and senior people leaders
  • Line and functional managers, heads of departments, directors
  • C-level executives, business owners

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To reinforce the importance of and to align with the organizational mission, vision and values
  • To understand the definitions and frameworks of leadership and management
  • To learn and practice relevant communication skills and tools critical to team leadership
  • To strengthen personal leadership skills that are key foundation to leading others
    • Emotional Intelligence: To understand the 5 competencies of Emotional Intelligence; To learn ways to manage and express our emotions.
    • Influencing Skills. To understand and learn ways to enhance our influence, our networking and stakeholder mapping.
    • Motivation & Sustained Performance. To demonstrate that building and sustaining performance is motivated by a combination of learning, enjoyment and achievement.

How Does A Typical 2-Day Program Look Like


  • Opening
  • Session 1: Management & Leadership to Steer an Organization’s Mission & Vision
  • Session 2: Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Session 3: Influencing Your Stakeholders
  • Application to Workplace
  • Personal Action Planning


  • Session 4: Developing Critical Communication Skills
  • Session 5: Motivating and Sustaining Performance
    • SMART Goal-Setting
    • Giving-Receiving Feedback
    • Achieving Peak Performance via “The Inner Game”
  • Application to Workplace
  • Personal Action Planning

What Participants Have Said About The Program

Highly recommended!

Thank you…I learned a lot in this training. Keep it up!

Overall this training is very helpful not only at work but in our everyday activities.

Two thumbs up!

The resource speaker has a very rich knowledge on the subject matter.


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