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Leading and Managing Change



” A leader needs to attract followers… but if the mobilization process is to succeed, those followers must become leaders too, finding their own sense of purpose in the shared challenge and spreading the call and vision of the change.”

~ Ken Blanchard, author, Leading at Higher Level

The TCOB Approach

  • Clear and measurable LEARNING OUTCOMES
  • ENGAGEMENT of LEARNERSthrough a variety of reflective or interactive learning tools and methods
  • Relevant takeaways and transfer of learnings through PERSONAL ACTION PLAN
  • Follow-through and execution of action plan through COACHING or MENTORING

Why Attend

Organizations and teams face constant changes, especially in today’s digital world. The ones who embrace, lead and manage changes effectively are the ones who succeed.

This two-day program* will equip you and your team with the knowledge, tools and processes to ensure the whole organization understands the reasons for the change and aligns with it; effectively plans & implements the change; and measures the benefits and sustains the change long-term.

* One-day fast track program is available. Workshop customization is encouraged.

What the Program Will Answer

  • How Do You Communicate the Change Effectively?
  • How Do You Overcome Resistance to Change?
  • How Do You Maximize the Benefits of Change and Sustain Long-Term?

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders at all levels of the organization, including individual contributors, first-time managers, experienced managers and senior people leaders
  • Line and functional managers, heads of departments, directors
  • C-level executives, business owners

 Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is change all about and not about
  • Know how to get people to align with the “why change” and the “how to ensure a successful change”
  • Learn to communicate a change through a clear and proven approach
  • Know what it takes to change from current to desired or future state
  • Plan for an effective change by understanding the phases of change, the elements of a change implementation plan, and the impact to stakeholders
  • Learn to set target benefits to measure effectiveness of the change, and to maximize the benefits
  • Sustain the change by recognizing and overcoming resistance to change


How Does A Typical 2-Day Program Look Like


  • Opening
  • Session 1: What is Change All About and Not About
  • Session 2: The Principles & Phases of Change
  • Session 3: Communicating the Change
  • Session 4: Journeying from Current to Desired State
  • Application to Workplace
  • Personal Action Planning


  • Session 5: Responding to Emotions Through the Change Journey
  • Session 6: Measuring Change
  • Session 7: Managing Resistance to Sustain Change
  • Application to Workplace
  • Personal Action Planning

What Participants Have Said About The Program

Learning is fun! Thank you!

Very good program

Love it that there are exercises & the training is very interactive

Well done in delivery of the program. Thank You!

Speaker is excellent & well prepared.


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