October 26, 2015



To provide relevant Training, Consulting and Coaching Solutions that will Maximize the Powers of Individuals and Teams


Discover, Develop, Maximize, Share the Power within U!

Our Core VALUES:

Integrity, Relevance, Quality and Passion


Why Partner with POWERinU?

  • POWERFUL Solutions that Work

Our customers are happy with the leading-edge and high-quality training solutions that work for them!

These solutions are produced from our collaborations and partnerships with global learning & consulting partners, including CEGOS MLB SwitzerlandIMPAX USAOTI PhilippinesPOWERinU Philippines and PDLC Asia

Check out our specializations and services for details about our solutions.

  • TRUSTED Team for Long-Term

Our customers trust our globally-certified, high-caliber team, who have solid experiences and proven track records in various industries across Asia-Pacific.

Our Trainers & Consultants are certified ACTA & PMC in Singapore.

Our Coaches are certified by Coach U/Corporate Coach U, Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching and Jack Canfield’s Success Principles.

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