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Opening to New Possibilities and Fresh Starts

A new year can mean a fresh start, another chance, unexplored opportunity, a new possibility, and a different take on life.

It can serve as a breather or an end to a difficult year, or can act as a bridge to a better path.

It’s a great reminder of time’s finiteness as another year is consumed, or infiniteness as life leads you to another door of possibilities.

Last week, I delivered training for a multinational company’s team of managers and leaders in Delhi. One of the key learning points was the art of possibility, and how opening one’s heart and mind could lead to stronger motivation and improved performance at the workplace, or life in general.

We tried a visualization exercise where one had to leave behind the negative thoughts and perceptions, and had to reach out to the person one disliked most. When one suspends his or her ego and perceptions, the possibilities are limitless. A different mental approach possibly leads to a renewed relationship based on open-mindedness, better understanding and trust. A relationship based on trust undoubtedly leads to a more positive and healthy environment.

There is a possibility that the other party chooses to respond differently, for instance, to not accept the hand extended or to not listen to the words said. It is very possible that the desired consequence or outcome in a situation turns out unexpectedly. Being the optimistic person that I am, I still advocate taking the chance, leaving the baggage behind and starting on a clean slate. I happen to agree with Paulo Coelho’s words: “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

To move into this year based on a fresh, positive and open mind and heart are inspiring and energizing. No matter how sad and difficult to take some of the current social and world affairs are, or how tough one’s immediate environment is at work or at home right now, there are always fresh starts, second chances, unexplored opportunities, and new possibilities.

Note: This article was also published in LinkedIn.

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