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#LIVELAUGHLOVE in the Workplace

* This post is inspired by LinkedIn’s #OutsideWork campaign – and by today’s Valentine celebration!

The rewards of finding love, friendship, partnership and inspiring relationships in the workplace are priceless. The rewards could impact all aspects of life outside work!

As Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist: Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. I’m very grateful I’ve found 3 huge treasures in the workplace!

My husband and I met in the first company I worked with 28 years ago. Together we raised our family and journeyed from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, to Jakarta and Mumbai, and then to Singapore. He has been with me through the best and worst of times. He listens to me and stands by me no matter what. For me, he epitomizes wisdom, discipline and commitment. He’s my source of immense strength and joy.

My best friend and I met 27 years ago in the same company department. She became our wedding maid of honor and godmother of our son. While we are now located in different countries, we keep in touch through social media/chat, and through the occasional trips. I deeply cherish our friendship that has endured the different stages of life. She knew me since I was a fresh graduate so there are never pretensions between us. We always pick up where we left off. At the same time, we are genuinely happy for the decisions and progress we have both made in our lives, and we are each other’s biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Four of my work colleagues from 24 years ago have become lifelong family friends, mentors, customers and recently, business partners. Our professional relationships, which have turned to lifelong friendships and to business partnerships, have made our entrepreneurial and business undertakings joyful adventures despite the overwhelming challenges. We have the utmost respect for each other and we constantly learn from each other.

Technological innovations have conquered time and physical barriers in today’s world. Used with prudence, technology could positively impact and strengthen relationships. It certainly achieved that in my case.

If you find love or inspiration in the workplace, enjoy and cherish every moment of it, physically and virtually. Spend your precious time to nurture and grow it.

LOVE inspires, delights, challenges, changes, deepens, expands, strengthens and empowers our lives!

Who have inspired and empowered you in the workplace? This weekend may be the perfect time to let them know how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Keep living, laughing and loving – in and outside work !

* Thank you to Dick Cercado, Melanie Medina, Bong Bernardo, Eduardo Reyes, Jun Marfori and Penny Bongato for all the living, laughing, loving “Kodak” moments!

Note: This article is also published in LinkedIn.

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