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FREE WEBINAR: Building Your Coaching Leader-Manager Skills in a Digital World by Elaine Cercado

Today’s organizations understand that the traditional outdated “command and control” style of management is no longer effective. Instead, Coaching has been identified as a critical leadership and management competency today and in the future of work.

Coaching is also a standard of communication in the workplace versus a tool for rehabilitation or remedial skills training, and it provides a win-win situation for the organization, the manager-as coach and their direct reports. Therefore, it is important to provide manger-leaders with essential skills needed to conduct coaching conversations that help performers grow.


Being a Coaching Manager and Leader in Today’s World

* Why is being a coaching manager / leader very important in today’s world?

* When to manage and when to coach: the balance of telling and asking

Few Critical Coaching Skills (Simple But Hard-to-Do)

* Filtering

* Conversation: Listening and Inquiry

* Perspective

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