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EMPOWER Workshops for Afford 4C Information Technology Services and 625 Trading Corp.

POWERinU delivered a series of facilitator-led online workshops from the EMPOWER Series to the employees of Afford 4C Information Technology Services and 625 Trading Corp.  The EMPOWER Personal Leadership Program and EMPOWER Team Leadership Program were delivered in multiple batches of 1.5 hour sessions during the second and third quarter of 2022.

For the EMPOWER Personal Leadership Program, the modules included Emotional Intelligence, Time and Stress Management, Assertive Communication and Leading Self Through Changes. Meanwhile for the Team Leadership Program, the modules covered were on Managing Change, Critical Thinking Skills (Analytical and Problem Solving, and Decision Making), Managing Team and Managing Others (Managing Stakeholders and Collaboration Skills).

The EMPOWER series focused on enabling people for a purposeful and joyful life and work, and we at POWERinU are grateful to be part of their learning journey.

Here’s what they say about the EMPOWER Program:

  • Great content and speaker!
  • Everything was great!
  • Thank you for such wonderful program!
  • Great content!
  • Great program!
  • Thank you so much!  I learned a lot from Sir Jun, Ms. Elaine and Ms. Trina. Always looking forward whenever we have upcoming trainings. Thank you again!
  • Keep it up!

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