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EMPOWER Women@Work with Gina Ilarde: Making Crossroad Choices and Affirming Purpose (Part 3)

So far Gina had shared her first two crossroads – crossroad #1, from EMPOWER Women@Work Episode 3/Part 1 was when she shifted from engineering to HR career.

While crossroad #2, from EMPOWER Women@Work Episode 4/Part 2, was when she discerned between staying in corporate life or being a stay-at-home mom, with the possibility of going into her own business.

In EMPOWER Women@Work Episode 5/Part 3, we will look into Gina’s third major crossroad choices as owner of several businesses, where she shared her key insights and lessons from her choices and entrepreneurial experiences especially her business failures.

Gina shared her three learnings from the failures of her own businesses: 

  • Profit was not a sustainable motivator. Gina said she lacked understanding of the business value proposition, and that there was no alignment between the businesses, and what she valued in life, and what her talents and abilities were.
  • Lack of focus and control, due to so many things she was doing at the same time, was very stressful.
  • Gina didn’t have a proper mentor to guide her though her business journey.  She did everything, which was a recipe for disaster.

“If I have done it differently, I would have a better evaluation of which business I would venture into…Look for whether it can harness my talents, abilities, or my gifts, and whether it’s aligned with the things that I value in life…” ~ Gina said.

Gina persevered and picked up all, or as much lessons as she can, from those failures that she had. Now she is in a place where she finds a lot of fulfillment. She said:

“I realised when you are aligned with your mission, and you are in your element, no matter how much stressful the activities you will have, you’ll find fulfilment and satisfaction.”

Where does she see herself going from here? Moving forward, Gina said she’ll keep going.

“That’s the beauty of it…Once you find something that is worth pursuing and worth doing or spending your time with, there is no retirement in that.”

Gina’s 3-part life journey, that went through a series of crossroad choices, has empowered and led her to where she is today, aligned with her purpose and values, and stronger than ever to grow her regional team and business, and her power from within.

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