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EMPOWER Women@Work with Gina Ilarde: Making Crossroad Choices and Affirming Purpose (Part 2)

“I have a choice to have a different result. I don’t need to be driven by circumstances.

I can create that reality that I will have in 1 year’s time, 3 year’s time and 5 year’s time.

With a clear mission and vision, it’s very easy to make the choice – an empowering choice in life.”

That was Gina’s aha moment during her second major crossroad discernment.

In this part 2 of our conversation with Gina about her crossroad choices, she shared about how identifying her passion, gifts and talents led her to defining her purpose through a mission and vision statement, which emboldened and empowered her to make her next crossroad choices – staying in her successful career, being a stay-at-home Mom, or being an entrepreneur.

From Gina’s second major crossroad at work and in life, here are some key insights or lessons to consider:

  • Seek help from someone who may partner with you to figure out the next choice and next step. In the case of Gina, she journeyed with a mentor-coach.
  • Take time to understand yourself better by re-discovering your gifts, talents and passion. This process may embolden and empower your choices.
  • Find your purpose, and define it through a mission and vision statement. When these are clear, it’s easy to make crossroad choices. 
  • A clearly defined vision helped Gina to turn her desires and dreams into realities – in 1, 3, 5 year’s time and beyond.

May Gina Ilarde’s story inspire and empower all of us to make bold choices at work and in life, in pursuit of aligning to and fulfilling our personal purpose.

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