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Coach the Coachable

By Jun Marfori *

Change presumes a shift, a deviation; change means to alter, vary, modify, to make different. It may mean a change in direction or the end-goal. But change can also mean that while the goal is no different, an alternative path may be called for or is more promising and attractive; perhaps we would achieve the goal faster, or the end result would be more desirable than what it originally seemed. Change therefore, at least in this context, is, or may be, “for the better.”

To Change or Not to Change?

Why would anyone not want to change? Because change can be scary; carries risks; will not guarantee better results; may require more resources; may mean that there is a better way than my / our or the time-tested way.

But what if, what is scary, risky, more expensive, tedious, and not time tested – can lead to more profitable, prosperous, progressive and successful results – would we not want to at least have someone “coach” us into the thinking process?

Be Coachable.

We challenge you – rise, and be “coachable.” Take the bold step, and be that someone who is open and willing to change, and to be accountable to an action, outcome, transformation or impact. Take that first step, and be willing to enter into an interactive, dynamic, and prospectively empowering, engaging and profitable relationship with a Coach. Cliché as it may sound – you have nothing to lose. And would not be performing better or enhanced results not be attractive enough?

* About the Author: Jun Marfori is a Director of POWERinU Training & Coaching Philippines, Inc.

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