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By Benjie Garcia *

The expression “There is nothing permanent except change” has become somewhat of a cliché for many individuals including me. However, participating in the Cegos 2020 Learning Future Event in Singapore last 10th of March brought a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities that societies, not just the business community, are facing as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The discussions on the research findings on the Five Drivers of Change, namely: Technology, Manager and Leader Readiness, The future of Work /Workplace, Diversity and Bias, and Cross Generational Management provided a useful framework for understanding the key elements of the changes that we are now experiencing in varying levels in various aspects of our lives. These drivers will have some similarities in the way they impact organizations such as in the area of having multi-generational workforces. And there are also peculiar differences such as in the area of leveraging technology to enhance productivity.

Organizations, especially those operating globally or regionally, will have to respond to these developments. Those who can spot and take advantage of the opportunities these changes present will certainly be rewarded. This statement is, of course, another adage often heard from business leaders and watchers. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done.

Those who commit to succeed have to mobilize their organizations to obtain a deeper understanding of these drivers to their business, make difficult choices and take calculated risks, acknowledge and learn quickly from failures, and celebrate successes then get ready for the next round of change.

* About the Author: Benjie Garcia is the President of POWERinU Philippines.

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