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Paulette D. Lirio

Managing Partner, Senior Consultant, Trainer

Paulette is a certified professional in management consulting, training & assessment and public accounting delivering services primarily through PDLC Asia and its collaborators.

Paulette delivers institutional collaborative work in human capital and talent development in Singapore through PowerInU Training and Coaching LLP. These collaborations involve consulting, training and development engagements with Spring Singapore, Singapore Food Manufacturing Association, Singapore Manufacturing Federation, and Human Capital Singapore. At the enterprise level, strategic organization and human resource development consulting engagement and training events were delivered for a leading food manufacturing company during the period 2009-2011.

As Director of PDLC Asia since 2001, she assists boards of small & medium business enterprises (SME) and non-profits in their governance, compliance and enterprise capability development initiatives. As a collaborator of multinational professional firms, she delivers development services in transformation projects involving organization, culture and change management. As a pre-qualified professional and Singapore- government approved service provider, she delivers management consulting services in strategic, business finance and people performance to the SME sector.

She has 19 years business advisory/consulting experience, 11 years in board advisory for governance and compliance, 10 years in organisation and people advisory, and 10 years in managed financial reporting and tax services. Prior to PDLC Asia, Paulette worked with Ernst & Young’s and Arthur Andersen’s Business Advisory Services; corporate planning and development in a food conglomerate; and organization and program development in a global non-profit group.