Empowering Team & Business Leadership

Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.” ~ John Maxwell


Introducing the Coaching Clinic® to your organization will infuse it with a coaching culture which:

  • Develops leadership
  • Expands awareness
  • Gives direct reports ownership and authority to achieve measurable objective
  • Promotes action and accountability
  • Facilitates breakthrough performance, and
  • Gives your organization a competitive edge



COACHING CLINIC®: The Gold Standard for Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organizations

The Coaching Clinic®.  The Coaching Clinic® is a coaching skills training program originally developed by Drs. Jeannine Clinic Sandstrom and Lee Smith in 1997. This corporate-proven and time-tested program is the most comprehensive coaching skills training program for managers and leaders available today. The term, Coaching Clinic, is owned and registered by Corporate Coach U International, Inc. and grants license to individuals to facilitate after successfully completing the four-day Coaching Clinic Licensing Program.

The Evolved Workplace

Today’s organizations understand that the traditional outdated “command and control” style of management is no longer effective. Today’s environment requires:

  • Rapid response times
  • Immediate feedback
  • Leveraged creativity
  • Focus on strengths
  • Resilience
  • Individual effort and performance in order to remain competitive

Retention is critical; coaching supports employee career/professional development. This, in turn, improves workplace satisfaction, which keeps valued employees.

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