Leading and Managing TRANSITIONS and CHANGES

Continuously reinforce the 5Cs within


and journey through life’s choices and changes happily and successfully!

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our lives.  The crisis has also forced us to make tough choices – from how to set up our homes to work remotely, to how to socialise with our friends and loved ones, to what do we do to sustain our businesses and operations in the new normal, and to what do we make of our future lives. 

In Coach Elaine’s Empower Bites 7, she looks back to a personal guide she made several years ago, on making life choices and changes, based on what she has experienced and learned in the past. She calls it the “5Cs of a Personal Change Journey.” 

  • Discover the CORE.  Discover one’s purpose by defining passion, mission and vision in life. Once purpose is clear, priorities become clear.  Decisions and actions start to align with one’s purpose. It is important to have a clearly defined mission and vision in life as this steadily anchors one’s life to what matters most.

  • Live with CONVICTION. In a world where success is usually measured by the level of power and success one has, living one’s beliefs and values is challenging. Yet once life purpose is clearly defined, one lives with passion and conviction, which are manifested in decisions and actions that are aligned with one’s core values. This alignment makes one’s life simpler, less stressed and happier.

  • Execute the CHANGE.  The next challenge is to transform the vision into reality, which requires specific actions and varied resources over a period of time.  A Latin writer, Publilius Syrus, wrote, “There is no fruit which is not bitter before it is ripe.” During a bitter phase of change, faith is shaken and resilience is tested. When this happens, ask and answer the questions “What is my compelling reason for this choice or change?” and “If I don’t choose or change, will I be satisfied with the status quo?”

  • Build COURAGE.  There are days when it just does not feel right. Questions like ‘Have I chosen wisely?” or “Am I on the right track?” arise. Frustrations or disappointments might amplify this feeling. To sustain the change, one needs courage. According to Mary Anne Radmacher, “Courage does not always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.” Take the time to reflect on the journey.  Be flexible and forgiving – yet stay firmly anchored to the core and conviction.

  • Sustain with CONFIDENCE.  Small steps and victories build confidence. Continuous adjustments and improvements raise the bar. Far-reaching actions are taken boldly. Over time, the new path becomes the way of life. Eventually, the new becomes the old and the comfort zone, where the learning and growth stop. To avoid this trap, one has to continuously challenge self and set another milestone to reach. To endure this stretch, a strong mindset for lifelong learning and openness to constant change are needed.


EMPOWER Workshop Modules

  • Module C: Becoming Change-Ready and Change-Savvy (2-Parts)

    • Objectives: To deep-dive into building your personal capacities for continuous change, including communicating your change story, managing relationships through the phases of change, and acting as a “change leader” model for others
    • Exercises:
      • Assessment of your change management skills
      • “Holding on and letting go”
      • Change journey mapping, including mapping the emotional journey and impacts to relationships
      • Crafting and telling your power change story
    • Outputs:
      • Personal action plan from your self-assessment of change management skills
      • Insights from the change journey map
      • Your power change story

Learn more about the 5Cs of making life choices and changes from this EMPOWER Bites video!

Check out our EMPOWER Framework page for more details about the process and steps.

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