EMPOWER: Discover, Develop, Maximize, Share the POWER in You

Here’s the EMPOWER Framework – as extracted from Empower Bites 1 to 5:


In Empower Bites 1, the question was: Have you discovered the POWERinU? POWERinU refers to your gifts, strengths, innate values, talents. How can you discover and continue to discover your power from within?

First, know that it’s a journey that can take weeks, months or years, not an overnight one. So be patient with yourself during the discovery journey. When you happily permit yourself to expand the time horizon to discover, the journey becomes more enjoyable.

Second, be clear about the destination. Mission and vision are big and sometimes vague words. So think in terms of “how do I see myself in 2 years? 5/7/10years?” 

“A joyful day in the life of…” That’s your vision!

How you get there is your mission. 

Third, as in any journey, prepare for it. Payment is not so much in financial terms but in terms of personal sacrifices, time investment and other intangible costs.


Discovery is the first step. Doing something about it – to develop and grow the power within is the next. This was the focus of Empower Bites 2How can you develop the POWERinU?

First, critically reflecting. To reflect is to ask questions like: 

  • What did I do today that has brought me closer to fulfilling my purpose ? 
  • What can I do better, how, and to whom or with whom? 
  • What resources do I need to achieve these and how?

Second, making a chewable action plan. Actions keep you moving forward. To move forward, you need to identify the priority tasks, outputs required, specific timelines, and resources needed. 

Third, setting up for consistent execution. The keys are setting up your routines for consistency, and reinforcing discipline and accountability.


In Empower Bites 3 and 4, the question turned to: How do you maximize a strength?

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” 

To maximize means “to make the greatest or fullest use of”.  The  formula to maximize a specific strength or talent is this: 3P (Patient Practice to Perfection) + IE (Improvement thru Evaluation) = 3PIE. So how do you maximize?

First, shortcuts usually short-change the payoff . Results become inconsistent over time when you just wing it. The key to mastery is the repetition. It’s all about the 3P – the patient practice to perfection. It’s about “sharpening the ax” 4 out of 6 hours.

Second, feedback is a precious gift.

It takes an open heart and mind to receive feedback. It takes humility to truly listen, and courage to take the needed actions to improve and raise the bar.

Third, Don’t settle long. There’s a danger to be so comfortable that you become complacent and stop growing. Growth happens beyond comfort zone. Remember the difference between a sharp and a dull ax, and how a sharpened one can maximize your natural strength or power. 


In Empower Bites 5, the key focus was: Why share and how do you share the power?

First, using whatever platform you have to effectively reach out to whoever will receive your messages.

Oprah has said – “Wherever you are, that is your platform, your stage, your circle of influence. That is your talk show and that is where your power lies.”

Second, share your time and talents wherever you are in concrete ways. Sharing can be through writing, speaking, networking, mentoring or on-the-job coaching, and can be done in whatever mode. Today’s digital world even allows you to share with the world. There is no limit when you truly want to give.

Third, integrate the power in your day-to-day such that it becomes your way of life. Your integrated being and doing is one of the most powerful ways to share.

When you do all these, you achieve great things…

You Discover your Purpose...

You Develop your Competencies…

You Maximize to attain Mastery…

You Share to Contribute and leave a Legacy.

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